A Prophetic Word About My Future Wife

It just blows my mind when God speaks to you and tells you that he has a message he wants you to give to someone else. But when it's you're turn to receive, it can be even more mind boggling. If you ever have the change to get a word from God, it you can get a recording … [Read more...]

3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Kingdom Minded Believer

I remember the first time I heard this message I was deployed to Qatar in 2013, sitting on my bed in my room and when the below clip played something just jumped in my Spirit, my heart pounding like I was about to have a heart attack. Aas the presence of God delivered … [Read more...]

Fear of The Lord Stirs Up Revival in Brazil

One of my true heroes of The Faith is, John Bevere. His ministry Messenger International is absolutely incredible. I've followed and have supported them for years. And I can tell you first hand everything they produce, whether it be a book, DVD, or curriculum is some of the … [Read more...]

True Story About Casting Out Demons

When I grow up spiritually, I want to be a Man like Larry Titus. That when I'm in a situation where it's either God shows up or I'm dead...I'm able to walk in boldness like Larry did in the below audio clip. This is one of my favorite stories from my favorite … [Read more...]

Adrian Balboa’s Motivation Tip For Woman

This post is for Ladies of The Lord, But fellas pay attention, grab a pen and a pad and prepare to take notes... Professor Jesse's about to take you to school to teach ya how to Jesus-up wit the quicks. Here we go So check this out Ladies Wouldn't it be cool to be able to … [Read more...]